Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing methods are no longer relevant in terms of spreading brand awareness and creating brand affinity. Is it all about digital marketing and establishing your brand image online. Social media management and digital marketing are alike in many ways but different in some. Fortunately, AR Media is able to handle both for you. Digital marketing is a simple but efficient means of promoting your business and spreading the word about your products and services by leveraging the online world of social media platforms, email, and search engines to name a few.

Digital marketing is going from strength to strength as more than 60% of the world is now online. 

Difference between social media management and digital marketing?

As AR Media offers you both services, we find it necessary to explain the difference between the two of them. Social media management is more concerned with content conceptualization, creation, and coming up with a clever strategy to appeal to your targeted audience. While digital marketing does make use of social media applications, the goal is to maximize reach by marketing to everyone online. 

Social Media Marketing

We drive traffic to your website by making your social media accounts work for you.

From running effective ad campaigns on Twitter, sponsored posts on Facebook, or links on Instagram that lead to your homepage, we do it all.

We closely monitor analytics on all your accounts and choose an appropriate time to let people know more about your brand and what it has in store for consumers while maximizing the conversion rate, leads, sales, and revenue. 

Don’t worry! You still have complete control. Each marketing idea will be put into action once you and your company have approved of it.

AR Media can manage digital marketing on the following applications:







More than digital marketers, the minds behind AR Media are listeners. Your digital marketing will be tailored according to your preferences, keeping in mind your ideal target audience.