Whether it is print or radio, certain advertising methods are timeless tools of spreading the word about your business. To date, traditional advertising techniques remain useful in helping your company stay relevant. However, AR Media believes in adding its creative touch to standard advertising practices. 

We provide our clients with unique ideas that challenge the norms that uphold the status quo. Our advertising campaign concepts are loud, rebellious, and demand to be seen. Each advertising solution offered by AR Media has been specifically tailored for your brand. You will find that our method of handling your company’s advertising is incredibly human-centered and result-oriented. 

No cheesy taglines. No mindless catalogues. No boring billboards. AR Media promises meaningful engagement with customers.

We offer the following services:


AR Media wants you to know that print advertising continues to remain valuable in promoting your business. Retail stores, company events, and sponsorships rely heavily on printed media to connect with potential customers. It can help complement your digital advertising strategy and encourage readers to develop an interest in your brand. Ultimately, your website will be able to generate more traffic. We currently offer print services for the following:






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Radio advertising is effective in being able to target specific demographics and market segments that most businesses would typically overlook. Don’t worry! AR Media content experts will be able to come up with memorable jingles for your brand that will stick with radio listeners. Before you know it, they will pop on your website to avail your latest product or service.


Television commercials can grab the attention of viewers, unlike any other traditional advertising technique. AR Media has a team of highly skilled professionals that can produce infomercials, demonstration commercials, and spokesperson advertisements. With a carefully selected repeat frequency, our television advertising strategy is guaranteed to help boost your brand visibility.

Planning on choosing AR Media to launch your advertising campaign? You’re in good hands!